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Tire manufacturing process

Update Time: 05 Aug 2022

You can mix up to 30 raw materials in the rubber of the tire. The proportion of raw materials depends on the performance target of the tire. It consists of a variety of rubber, fillers, and other raw materials. They are mixed together in a huge mixer called the Banbury mixer, producing a black viscous compound used for rolling.
Tire-3 rolling
After the rubber to be kneaded cools down, it is sent to a special open grinder where the rubber is cut into strips to form the basic structure of the tire. At this stage, other parts of the tire were also prepared, some of which were covered with another type of rubbe

The tires are assembled from the inside out. Fabric components, steel ribbons, beads, ply cords, tread, and other components are placed in the tire forming machine to ensure that each component is in its precise position. The output looks a bit like the final product, called green tires.
Place the raw tire in a heated mold for pressure vulcanization, pressing all tire components together to form the final shape of the tire, including tread patterns and manufacturer's sidewall markings.